Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2 (Black)

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Set: Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition Sealed
Release Date: 2021-05-07
This boxed set features ten full-art Pathway lands in premium foil with brand-new art from ten of Magic's best artists (Paul Scott Canavan, Alayna Danner, Piotr Dura, Grady Frederick, Donato Giancola, Yeong-Hao Han, Adam Paquette, Lucas Staniec, Jokubas Uogintas, and Johannes Voss) depicting the Planes of Kaldheim and Zendikar.

In Ultimate Edition 2, the six Pathway lands originally printed in Zendikar Rising are feature art showcasing the Plane of Kaldheim, and the four Pathway lands coming in Kaldheim feature art showcasing the Plane of Zendikar instead.

• 10 borderless foil modal double-faced Pathway land cards
• Exclusive "plane swapped" art—lands previously only seen on Zendikar are now depicted on Kaldheim, and vice versa
• 5 plastic card holders

(Due to issues surrounding procurement during the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2 boxes were black while others were dark gray. This is a black box version.)

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